The downside of high heels


Girls who say high heels never hurt, lie. I’m sure. Eventually after an hour or a long day, (depends on how often you wear them) you will experience pain in the ball of your foot. Normally wedges are easier to wear for hours and hours. My feet especially start to hurt when I have to wait or stand for a couple hours. It’s easier if I walk around. I always knew it had something to do with the weight that is on the ball of your feet. But I didn’t know the exact reason. Well, there is a medical explanation for that.

The Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in Stanmore (London) has the first X-ray that makes 3D images of the foot. They helped a lot of English ladies who suffered from foot problems.

Your foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons. When you walk on flats or bare feet, every bone, joint etc work together. Normally, the feet will distribute the body weight evenly throughout the whole foot. But when a person walks on high heels the entire weight is only on two little bones underneath the big toe: the sesamoid.


Surgeon Mr Andy Goldberg from the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital says that wearing high heels occasionally is fine, but repeated use will cause serious problems. Not only because of the bodyweight on the sesamoid, but also because the other toes look a bit like claws when your foot is squeezed into the heel. Patients from Goldberg also suffer from arthritis, hammer toes, bunions and many other medical conditions. A lot of them are permanent and require surgery to fix it.


I really don’t want to scare you with this information. But I do want you to be aware of it. Don’t wear heels every day. Wear different shoes every day and take your shoes off at home.

Be nice to your feet, you have to live with them until you die and without them, life isn’t as easy as it is right now.


Images from: MedicinenetGofitgirl and Chirohealthandrehabcentre


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