How to talk to a shoe addict

No-High-HeelsTrying to conquer an addiction is probably one of the hardest things some people need to do. It’s difficult to overcome an habit, especially when the addiction is everywhere. When you quit smoking, suddenly everybody offers you a cigarette. When you are thinking about buying an Kia Rio, they are everywhere. When you try to overcome a shoe addiction, suddenly the most fabulous heels are every where and everybody wants to get your advice.

Please people, give a shoe addict a break!

I found an article with a couple of rules how people should talk to an addict. One of the basic rules: Don’t lie and don’t deny. Ever. I know the truth and I can handle the truth! Like this blogpost I will give you my honest opinion on these guidelines.

1. Always be kind to an addict.
Yes, we shoe addicts didn’t choose to be an addict. It just happened. So you people have to be nice to us. If you are not nice, we’ll dump you immediately.

2. Listen to an addict at least as much as you talk.
According to the writer of the article an addict is more likely to confide you in her life when you listen to her without interrupting. Of course!! We shoe addicts love to talk about the highest heels, the prettiest designs and the most lovely details! And we do like to come up with reasons why we should buy that heel.

3. Try to be predictable with an addict.
Please let me know when you want to go shopping for shoes with me. I really don’t want to end up shaking and sweating in front of a shoe store. After about 3/4 year I’m able to walk into a shoe store without freaking out, but you still need to inform me in advance!

Carrie Bradshaw 14. Show unconditional love or concern to an addict.
Yeah baby, give me some sugar! Spoil me with hugs!

5. Support an addict’s process of change.
Understand that it’s not easy for me to go inside a shoe store that screams 70% sale!! That is difficult. But of course supporting me also means: Buy me shoes for my birthday, my name-day, because you love me or any other occasion!

6. Do it the addict’s way
Like Usher said in the 90s: “My way, My way, What I say goes, and I’m in control.” Let’s do it my way, I love that! So you buy me shoes now?

7. Seek information on where the addict can get help.
The author says that addicts often feel ashamed of their addiction. Well, I don’t. I admit it, and I took some actions. I’ve been ‘clean’ for almost a year already and I’m damn proud of my shoe collection.
No help needed, just read my blog and there are many tips to overcome a shoe addiction!

8. Always let an addict know your limits.
Wait, no! Everybody should know MY limits! I am the one struggling with my shoe addiction. People should know I can’t handle 70% off signs.



2 thoughts on “How to talk to a shoe addict

  1. This was a great post! I like how you were able to incorporate comedy while being serious about shoe addicts. As a male shoe addict, i can actually relate to a couple of these points, especially points 1,3,5. I hate when people judge me for wasting money on shoes, its not my first choice to buy shoes its the only choice haha! Point 3 is huge too because being a sneaker addict i am always down to go shoe shopping, dont judge me! Looking at the new sneakers and even boots is always a fun time. Lastly point 5 is me written all over. If i walk into a nike store and there is a crazy sale and i walk out with no sneakers in my hand be proud, because that does not happen often. I just have to make sure i dont walk past another shoe store because I will end up buying something to make up for not getting something at the first store. All in all, being a male shoe addict i can relate to this and find this a great post!

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