Marington + Discount!

Website screenshotGoodmorning everybody! Today I have an extra blogpost, because I have something great to offer to you!
One  of the great things about the summer holiday is that I can wake up in the morning, get my laptop and just look for things I would like to have. Most of the times I just make a wishlist, like today. There is this one website with a lot of unique designs:  Marington.
Marington is a webshop owned by Maikel Huurneman. It’s filled with beautiful lifestyle products. They offer a wide range  ladies bagsleather bagswall stickers and hamam pestemals from big  (Dutch) brands like House in StyleKEK AmsterdamOttomaniaPratesi en Taftan.
I put some things together I really liked and made myself a wishlist.
Marington wishlist
Marington has a lot of unique designs. Look at that water carafe in the left! I love the design, just like the lamp. They are both really an eyecatcher! I have to save some money first before I can buy this, but Marington gave me the opportunity to offer you a 10% discount! Add this code to your cart and get a 10% off your order: fD7JK36cS. This code is valid until August, 16. You can use it as many times as you like!
I would love to know if you used the discount code and what you bought!

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