Goodbye Queen B, Hello King W-A!


The 30th of April is for every country in the world a regular day. Except for the Netherlands. The night before we all get drunk and the next day we either sell our entire household with a huge hangover on the flee market or we buy somebody elses entire household also with a huge hangover. Ow and eat churros! Like during the World Cup we all dress up red/white/blue or completely orange. Like maniacs. We must love our Queen a lot, don’t we!

No, I’m not kidding, everybody in Holland will wear something orange and we all act like true royalists. We love our Queen and we love to celebrate that with a lot of beer and crazy orange outfits.

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Shoe Story #2: Head over heels

Head over heels logo

Cura├žao (Caribbean), truly a little bit of heaven on earth. White sand, blue oceans, beautiful people, delicious food and…. wonderful shoes!
Most of the times I instantly fall in love with a pair of heels. The second we meet, I already know I need to bring them home. No doubt about that! I also knew it with this pair.

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App review: Shoe Addicts

app_iconI spend hours and hours online looking at the shoe collection of many Instagram-users. I know all the hashtags and the users with the best collection. My timeline is a mix-up of shoes, make-up, fashion, beautiful cities and other interesting (sometimes useless) stuff.
So when I found the app Shoe Addicts I was happily surprised! This is definitely an app with great potential and probably heaven for foot fetishists. ­čśë

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Shoe Artist: Sergio Molina


The other day I mentioned shoe designers are great artists. But I recently discovered a great artist who turns shoes into pieces of art.

Sergio Molina (Granada, Spain) was one of the unlucky ones to loose his job during this economic collapse. He happened to be a great drawer and owned a pair of white sneakers. He combined those two things and *Boom* a new idea was born! He painted his sneakers and  posted this on Facebook. It was such a success, he immediately got orders. Continue reading

StyleCase: March 2013

IMG_8568Here it is: StyleCase, the march episode! This months StyleCase is all about natural products. This box contains the beautyproducts from dutch tv host Vivian Slingerland. To be honest, I needed to google her. But she is from the daytime show ‘Koffietijd’ and ‘RTL Vaart’. She also writes books for children and is a mother to two kids: Rebbel and Puck.

This box is my third box. I loved the first two but will I love the third one too?

Let’s find out!


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How to not conquer your shoe addiction

Internet is the best invention ever, but sometimes also the worst. Many people write a lot of crap on their websites. The most horrible ones are the ones named something with wiki. I’m not talking about wikipedia because that’s brilliant, I use it all the time when I teach. But I’m talking about the rest. For those who don’t know: Wiki means that everybody can change/add content, most of the time, lot of crap is uploaded.

I was a bit wandering online, looking for things to write about and I stumbled upon this article from WikiNut (They should change it into WikiNot) about conquering a shoe addiction. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath, it’s horrible (no offence). Below are the tips she (or he? I dunno) gave, with my comments.


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