Sneak Peek: My Shoecollection

As you all know: this blog is all about shoes but I still haven’t shown you a lot of my shoes! So today I decided to give you a sneak peek inside my shoe closet.

I’ve been living in this house since January this year. We have big plans with our spare room, but we can’t find the time to decorate it just the way we want it to be. Our spare room is 17m2 and it’s all about clothes, shoes, accessorizes and make-up. Every girls dream! At least: my dream!
I still haven’t found the best way to keep my shoes organized, so right now I have my pile of boxes, a shoe rack and a box.

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Nails: Glitter ‘n Gradient

It’s getting dark and cold outside. Hot coco, blanket on the couch, watching crazy funny reality TV, Christmas is on its way! I never bought a christmas tree, but this year I’m planning on decorating the best Christmas tree ever, including a bunch of glitters of course 🙂

To get in the mood, I have an easy but very sparkly nail design for you. It’s very easy, so you  can do it too. Even when you’re not much of a nail artist.

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How to overcome an addiction (with Dr. Phil)

Wow, having an addiction is hard. Really hard. Especially when there are new (or slightly different than I already have) pretty shoes lined up in stores. You should have matching shoes for every outfit you own!!

But… we live in 2012 so we have Dr. Phil. so complaining about how hard a no buy is is not necessary  He once made the world a bit easier with his Seven Steps to Breaking Your Addiction.

So, I read those seven brilliant steps and turned them into Seven Steps to Break your Shoe addiction!

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Shoplog: Forever 21

A couple days ago I decided I needed some new dresses. I have been studying my ass off and I needed to give myself a reward. I mean, working fulltime, trying to finish a Masters AND being on a shoe no buy is not easy! Sometimes a girl need to spoil herself. Like Mae West once said: “I never loved somebody like I loved myself.” When you love somebody you gotta show that, why not show that with rewards after a week of hard work

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How to survive a No-Buy #1

I’m on a shoe no-buy for a reason… As some of you have experienced in real life: I have way to many shoes. Guilty as charged. That’s the reason why I started this blog. Being on a No-Buy is not an easy thing. There are temptations everywhere. I am struggling like a child who can’t touch anything in a candystore…

So I decided to make things a bit easier. This is #1 of a new category: How to survive a No-Buy! Continue reading