Yanis Marshall’s danceclasses in high heels

Yanis MarshallEvery day I hear girls say how beautiful heels are and how good their legs look when they wear heels. But in reality, when girls in Holland (except maybe Rotterdam) go out, they always wear sneakers of flats. Their feet can’t handle it. I gotta admit, my feet aren’t Beyonces feet either, but I do love wearing high heels mucho.

Dancing in high heels is a bit different than walking in high heels. Dancing is faster and you really need to control your body (or feet in this case). When you are a dancer and a fan of high heels, you gotta pay a visit to Yanis Marshall’s dance classes. Continue reading


High Pheels

Anthony High PheelsAbout two weeks ago I got an email from Antony Ciccarelli. He is the owner of High Pheels (pronounced peels) and offered me to test the High Peels. I googled it and I got excited. Of course I wanted to do that! About a week later a package from San Antonio, Texas arrived.

High Pheels – the concept.
Have you ever looked at your pile of shoes wondering how it ever came this far?  Owning the perfect heel and wishing you could change the color? Or broke as MC Hammer and really need another color heels for that perfect dress?
Antony Ciccarelli made the perfect accessory for that problem! He came up with the idea when one of his friends visited him with a suitcase filled with heels. He said: “There had to be an easier way, why not have one shoe and change out the covers.”. That’s when High Pheels were born. Currently Anthony is working on the perfect heels to fit the High Pheels. Continue reading

What to wear on my schoolpictures?

dale-irbyYou’ll probably know all about it, when you’re a mother or a student yourself. Schoolpictures. In Holland the spring is a popular time to take schoolpictures. The kids arrive in their best outfit and their hair done. Mothers warn me about stains and a tuft of hair in faces and I always check the kids 10 times before the picture is taken.

I started teaching 5 years ago and I always think about my outfit in the schoolpicture. I don’t want it to look like the year before and of course I want to look fabulous too. I have a huge attraction to blue, so I also need to pay attention to that. No blue outfits on every picture!

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Shoplog Breda

H&M2Since my shoe No buy, I changed my mind a bit about shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I still love shopping and I can shop for hours and hours. But I changed my mind a bit about the prices. Back in the days (okay last year) I bought everything I liked. I couldn’t have enough jeans, shirts and blazers. I still prefer some brands more like others, like blazers from Rinascimento. I just love the fit, the fabric and the quality. But you pay for that, not a little. Nope, a lot! Still love it, but I don’t live at the end of a rainbow anymore.

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The rush from online shopping

20130303-153557.jpgI love the internet, it made my life so much easier. Everything is one click away. Did you know you can surf to every website within 16 clicks? I read that somewhere once.
When we went on a vacation to the U.S. I always loved to go shopping at American brandstores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21 and the Gap.
Nowadays it’s way easier. I reach for my beloved MacBook and sit down on my comfy couch wearing my favorite pj’s with a cup of hot tea. There’s no need to spend a fortune on plane tickets, I just go online and within seconds the whole world is right on my lap. 😉

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Meet Miss J. Alexander – Shoe-designer.

miss-jay-alexander-antm-335a051407“When I look at a girl, I’m looking at her for body, for movement. She can be as ugly as the bottom of my shoe, but if she can walk, and have confidence, and look good, that’s all that matters for this. You can turn that ugly into beauty.”

You either love him or hate him! Miss J. Alexander. The eccentric judge from America’s Next Top Model.
A little over a year ago Miss. J. Alexander, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel got canned from the cast from ANTM. Continue reading

YBS Fashion Show

YBSIn honor of their first anniversary YBS organized a fashionshow. My friend Fleur was invited and asked me to join her.
YBS (Young But Successful) is an International platform & Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle magazine. To be honest, I’ve never heard about it, but I’m always up for new things! So, Fleur and I went to Amsterdam to see what it was all about.

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