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How to talk to a shoe addict

No-High-HeelsTrying to conquer an addiction is probably one of the hardest things some people need to do. It’s difficult to overcome an habit, especially when the addiction is everywhere. When you quit smoking, suddenly everybody offers you a cigarette. When you are thinking about buying an Kia Rio, they are everywhere. When you try to overcome a shoe addiction, suddenly the most fabulous heels are every where and everybody wants to get your advice.

Please people, give a shoe addict a break!

I found an article with a couple of rules how people should talk to an addict. One of the basic rules: Don’t lie and don’t deny. Ever. I know the truth and I can handle the truth! Like this blogpost I will give you my honest opinion on these guidelines. Continue reading

The downside of high heels


Girls who say high heels never hurt, lie. I’m sure. Eventually after an hour or a long day, (depends on how often you wear them) you will experience pain in the ball of your foot. Normally wedges are easier to wear for hours and hours. My feet especially start to hurt when I have to wait or stand for a couple hours. It’s easier if I walk around. I always knew it had something to do with the weight that is on the ball of your feet. But I didn’t know the exact reason. Well, there is a medical explanation for that.

The Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in Stanmore (London) has the first X-ray that makes 3D images of the foot. They helped a lot of English ladies who suffered from foot problems. Continue reading

Shoe Story #4: Havaianas – As legítimas

havaianas 1Back in the days, when Menina was still ‘Bebe Menina’, my family and I used to go camping in France. Every year we packed our folding caravan and left Holland for La Douce France.
I remember, always trying to steal my mother’s Havaianas. She owned a pair of ‘Tradicional’. I used to sneak out of the tent, running on my mothers Havaianas to go to the bathroom. I loved the way they felt on my feet. It felt like walking on diamonds. Sometimes my mom laughed about it, but when she needed her Havaianas herself, she sometimes got a bit mad at me. Of course, I understand why, but come on!! Havaianas are like heaven on earth.

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Marington + Discount!

Website screenshotGoodmorning everybody! Today I have an extra blogpost, because I have something great to offer to you!
One  of the great things about the summer holiday is that I can wake up in the morning, get my laptop and just look for things I would like to have. Most of the times I just make a wishlist, like today. There is this one website with a lot of unique designs:  Marington.
Marington is a webshop owned by Maikel Huurneman. It’s filled with beautiful lifestyle products. They offer a wide range  ladies bagsleather bagswall stickers and hamam pestemals from big  (Dutch) brands like House in StyleKEK AmsterdamOttomaniaPratesi en Taftan.

Transparent Heels


I really don’t know why I haven’t written a blogpost about these fabulous wedges before. I’ve seen them a million times on Instagram and several fashion blogs. Ever since I saw them I really wanted a pair. But well, you know, shoe no buy. Not allowed… So I tried to forget about them and didn’t look for them online.

But I couldn’t get them out of my head, so today I decided to dedicate a blogpost  to this wonderful wedges.

After a quick Google, I found out Maison Martin Margiela x H&M designed the Plexi Wedge Booties and sold them for $350. Unfortunately, they are sold out and I think it’s a lot of money for something designed by H&M. Of course there are always cheaper version of the same shoe like at Choies ($137) or Polyvore ($95). Continue reading

My life in pics #3

instagramWe’ve been waiting a long time for the summer. But of course, like it is supposed to do, it arrived.

I’ve been working very hard the last couple of weeks before the summer holiday started. But everything is done and I’m loving some free time. Time to dedicate to my blog and other future plans.

I’ve been to Germany a couple of days to meet up with my friends from Brasil. It was a lot of fun and I loved my time there.

Take a look with me!

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