How to talk to a shoe addict

No-High-HeelsTrying to conquer an addiction is probably one of the hardest things some people need to do. It’s difficult to overcome an habit, especially when the addiction is everywhere. When you quit smoking, suddenly everybody offers you a cigarette. When you are thinking about buying an Kia Rio, they are everywhere. When you try to overcome a shoe addiction, suddenly the most fabulous heels are every where and everybody wants to get your advice.

Please people, give a shoe addict a break!

I found an article with a couple of rules how people should talk to an addict. One of the basic rules: Don’t lie and don’t deny. Ever. I know the truth and I can handle the truth! Like this blogpost I will give you my honest opinion on these guidelines. Continue reading


How to survive a no buy #4: identify your dangerzone

Danger ZoneI was on my way to a lunch with my friend and suddenly I froze. I just couldn’t breath anymore. My legs got heavy and I wasn’t able to move anymore. The only thing I could do was stare at the window…

Welcome to the world of a shoe addict on a Shoe No Buy.
I get distracted everywhere. Utrecht counts 71 shoe stores. Most of them located in the city centre. So you can imagine how hard it is for a girl like me to walk though the city. It sometimes feels like being in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet without the permission to touch anything. Horror!

Like to title of the blogpost already says; it’s good to identify your dangerzone. When you know what the dangerzone is, it’s a lot easier, less hard. Continue reading

How to survive a No-buy #3: goals


My shoe No Buy started on october 21. I decided to stop buying shoes for a whole year. Sometimes it frustrates me, because there are beautiful shoes everywhere. But sometimes it makes me happy, because I can spend my money on something else. But the most important thing I passed 200 days May 9th. Yay! Well done, Menina!

What really helped me is to set a goal. The main goals is of course ‘No shoes for a year’ but there is also a different goal underneath that.

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How to not conquer your shoe addiction

Internet is the best invention ever, but sometimes also the worst. Many people write a lot of crap on their websites. The most horrible ones are the ones named something with wiki. I’m not talking about wikipedia because that’s brilliant, I use it all the time when I teach. But I’m talking about the rest. For those who don’t know: Wiki means that everybody can change/add content, most of the time, lot of crap is uploaded.

I was a bit wandering online, looking for things to write about and I stumbled upon this article from WikiNut (They should change it into WikiNot) about conquering a shoe addiction. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath, it’s horrible (no offence). Below are the tips she (or he? I dunno) gave, with my comments.


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How to survive a No Buy #2 – Restyle your old shoes

We’ve all been there… After a while your amazing new shoes start to get boring. You don’t wear them every day anymore, they get lost inside your closet or underneath the couch. Or you just simply forget you even had them! Sometimes you need to re-discover your old but still pretty shoes. A simple solution is to stock pile all your old shoes inside the basement for a year and forget all about them.


there is another option: Restyle them!
I looked through a whole lot of restyling tips online and choose three solutions for you!

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How to overcome an addiction (with Dr. Phil)

Wow, having an addiction is hard. Really hard. Especially when there are new (or slightly different than I already have) pretty shoes lined up in stores. You should have matching shoes for every outfit you own!!

But… we live in 2012 so we have Dr. Phil. so complaining about how hard a no buy is is not necessary  He once made the world a bit easier with his Seven Steps to Breaking Your Addiction.

So, I read those seven brilliant steps and turned them into Seven Steps to Break your Shoe addiction!

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How to survive a No-Buy #1

I’m on a shoe no-buy for a reason… As some of you have experienced in real life: I have way to many shoes. Guilty as charged. That’s the reason why I started this blog. Being on a No-Buy is not an easy thing. There are temptations everywhere. I am struggling like a child who can’t touch anything in a candystore…

So I decided to make things a bit easier. This is #1 of a new category: How to survive a No-Buy! Continue reading