Shoe Story #4: Havaianas – As legítimas

havaianas 1Back in the days, when Menina was still ‘Bebe Menina’, my family and I used to go camping in France. Every year we packed our folding caravan and left Holland for La Douce France.
I remember, always trying to steal my mother’s Havaianas. She owned a pair of ‘Tradicional’. I used to sneak out of the tent, running on my mothers Havaianas to go to the bathroom. I loved the way they felt on my feet. It felt like walking on diamonds. Sometimes my mom laughed about it, but when she needed her Havaianas herself, she sometimes got a bit mad at me. Of course, I understand why, but come on!! Havaianas are like heaven on earth.

in 1962 Alpargatas (A brazilian footwear company) came up with the idea of Havaianas. They are inspired by the Zori. A Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles. This is the reason why Havaianas have a textured rice pattern on the food-bed. In the beginning Havaianas were only worn by the poor people in the favela’s. Havaianas are cheap and they last forever. Over the years everybody from Brasil owned at least one pair and slowly Havaianas took over the world. In the 90s famous Brazilian started to wear them on tv and Havaianas took over the world.

havaianas 3

Nowadays you can buy them in every corner of the world and they are sold for a lot of money. In Holland for example, a pair of  Havaianas Slim easily cost €26. Brasil is still the best country to buy your Havaianas slim. They are R$25, about €8.

havaianas 2

I own at least 20 pairs of Havaianas. I bought most of them in Brasil, because they are very cheap over there. My favorite ones are the one with the slim straps. Those look very feminine and more delicate than the original straps. Every season Havaianas designs a special edition and new designs.
A couple years ago they started to customize the Havaianas even more. They designed a lot of little pins to attach on the straps like on the picture below.

havaianas 4

My favorite pair is the blue (not in the picture) and the silver ones from the first picture. They match almost every outfit and they walk better then all the others 😉

Do you have a love for Havaianas? Or do you wear a different brand?



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