Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 4.39.41 PMI am a bit of a statistic-junk. Everyday before I go to sleep I look at the statistics of my blog. Just to see how many people visited my blog, what they were searching for and where they are from. From the day I posted this blog about Lola Shoetique, people end up on my blog because they were searching for a store like Lola Shoetique. Of course I started digging for you!

And I found a couple! First up is Bliss.

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How to not conquer your shoe addiction

Internet is the best invention ever, but sometimes also the worst. Many people write a lot of crap on their websites. The most horrible ones are the ones named something with wiki. I’m not talking about wikipedia because that’s brilliant, I use it all the time when I teach. But I’m talking about the rest. For those who don’t know: Wiki means that everybody can change/add content, most of the time, lot of crap is uploaded.

I was a bit wandering online, looking for things to write about and I stumbled upon this article from WikiNut (They should change it into WikiNot) about conquering a shoe addiction. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath, it’s horrible (no offence). Below are the tips she (or he? I dunno) gave, with my comments.


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Shoe Story #1: Jimmy Choo for H&M

IMG_8473Being on a Shoe No Buy is one of the hardest things I have to do. But it also made me take a good look at my current collection. I already gave you a sneak peak earlier. But this is the first blogpost where I tell you the details about my favorite pieces.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was the autumn 2009. I’ve been driving by the ad for weeks. I looked at the collection online and I already got my eye one two amazing pairs. Every girl in Holland, who loves Carrie Bradshaw, got excited and wanted to be the first to own a pair. I’m talking about the great Jmmy Choo for H&M collection. Both Jimmy Choo and H&M really nailed this. You can still buy these heels on Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay).

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Meet Miss J. Alexander – Shoe-designer.

miss-jay-alexander-antm-335a051407“When I look at a girl, I’m looking at her for body, for movement. She can be as ugly as the bottom of my shoe, but if she can walk, and have confidence, and look good, that’s all that matters for this. You can turn that ugly into beauty.”

You either love him or hate him! Miss J. Alexander. The eccentric judge from America’s Next Top Model.
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Sneak Peek: My Shoecollection

As you all know: this blog is all about shoes but I still haven’t shown you a lot of my shoes! So today I decided to give you a sneak peek inside my shoe closet.

I’ve been living in this house since January this year. We have big plans with our spare room, but we can’t find the time to decorate it just the way we want it to be. Our spare room is 17m2 and it’s all about clothes, shoes, accessorizes and make-up. Every girls dream! At least: my dream!
I still haven’t found the best way to keep my shoes organized, so right now I have my pile of boxes, a shoe rack and a box.

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How to survive a No-Buy #1

I’m on a shoe no-buy for a reason… As some of you have experienced in real life: I have way to many shoes. Guilty as charged. That’s the reason why I started this blog. Being on a No-Buy is not an easy thing. There are temptations everywhere. I am struggling like a child who can’t touch anything in a candystore…

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