Yanis Marshall’s danceclasses in high heels

Yanis MarshallEvery day I hear girls say how beautiful heels are and how good their legs look when they wear heels. But in reality, when girls in Holland (except maybe Rotterdam) go out, they always wear sneakers of flats. Their feet can’t handle it. I gotta admit, my feet aren’t Beyonces feet either, but I do love wearing high heels mucho.

Dancing in high heels is a bit different than walking in high heels. Dancing is faster and you really need to control your body (or feet in this case). When you are a dancer and a fan of high heels, you gotta pay a visit to Yanis Marshall’s dance classes. Continue reading


High Pheels

Anthony High PheelsAbout two weeks ago I got an email from Antony Ciccarelli. He is the owner of High Pheels (pronounced peels) and offered me to test the High Peels. I googled it and I got excited. Of course I wanted to do that! About a week later a package from San Antonio, Texas arrived.

High Pheels – the concept.
Have you ever looked at your pile of shoes wondering how it ever came this far?  Owning the perfect heel and wishing you could change the color? Or broke as MC Hammer and really need another color heels for that perfect dress?
Antony Ciccarelli made the perfect accessory for that problem! He came up with the idea when one of his friends visited him with a suitcase filled with heels. He said: “There had to be an easier way, why not have one shoe and change out the covers.”. That’s when High Pheels were born. Currently Anthony is working on the perfect heels to fit the High Pheels. Continue reading


shoedazzleOnline shoe-stores are great. You can find anything you’d like with a little bit of effort. You can get newsletters from your favorite store and online you can search by category or feature. Shoedazzle found a different approach.

Shoedazzle is founded in 2009 by Brian S. Lee and his wife.  They hired our beauty princess Kim Kardashian as it’s chief fashion stylist. Nowadays Rachel Zoe is the chief fashion stylist. When you create an account, you get personalized shoes in your ‘showroom’.

Let’s take a look!

When you first enter the website, you have to take a quick fashion quiz. Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 4.50.54 PM

Continue reading