YBS Fashion Show

YBSIn honor of their first anniversary YBS organized a fashionshow. My friend Fleur was invited and asked me to join her.
YBS (Young But Successful) is an¬†International platform & Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle magazine. To be honest, I’ve never heard about it, but I’m always up for new things! So, Fleur and I went to Amsterdam to see what it was all about.

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Good things always come back

One of the things I do best is starting new things with bad timing. When I started My Shoediction, I was in right in the middle of finishing my masters degree. I love blogging, but the timing just wasn’t right.
After a short (okay in blogging land it’s long enough to loose all your readers) break, I can proudly present myself: Menina 2.0! New energy, new ideas and a lot more comfortable in life.

So be prepared!