My life in pics #3

instagramWe’ve been waiting a long time for the summer. But of course, like it is supposed to do, it arrived.

I’ve been working very hard the last couple of weeks before the summer holiday started. But everything is done and I’m loving some free time. Time to dedicate to my blog and other future plans.

I’ve been to Germany a couple of days to meet up with my friends from Brasil. It was a lot of fun and I loved my time there.

Take a look with me!

Collage summer 2013

From left to right

1.  Summer equals picknicks outside with beer, wine or apple cider. Most of the time I go to the same spot to meet up with my friends. Of course my beloved Havaianas are always with me. They aren’t just for walking. You can also use them as a drink-holder. Drinks aren’t very stable on the grass, but ladies and gentlemen, this is the trick!

2. Go shorty, it’s my birthday! I didn’t celebrate it a lot, I invited my family and a friend and I made Mon Chou pie with fresh strawberries.

3. One of my sisters left Holland for New Zealand. We went on a sister-weekend to Amsterdam. We did a lot of fun things, like a lomography workshop (pic 9). It was a good weekend!

4. Havaianas, Havaianas, Havaianas. Can’t say anything more. Every day I wear another pair. These are actually my favorites. They match every outfit.

5. I went to a Gilberto Gil concert with my mom and some friends. I had such a good time. For those who don’t know him: Gilberto Gil is a very famous Brazilian singer, guitarist and songwriter. He also had a political carrier. It was an awesome concert. Gilberto Gil really rocked the stage!

6. My favorite hangout in Utrecht.

7. My boyfriend got me these fabulous heels when he came back from his holiday.

8. I’ve been looking for a good balcony set forever. I finally found a perfect one.

9. The best lomography picture I’ve made!



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