Superlooks make-up workshop

superlooks 3I have to admit. I am one of those girls that doesn’t leave the house without make-up. When I was younger I hated it when people saw me without mascara. Nowadays I am a bit more tolerant to what I look like, but I still hate it when people see my face butt naked. Normally I don’t wear foundation or concealer a lot. But I always wear mascara and eyeshadow.

My friend and I love to bid at Vakantie Veilingen. It’s a Dutch online auction website. I love the thrill of bidding on something. The other day my friend saw this great deal for a make up workshop. She bid and got it twice. So we called two other friends, made an appointment and off we went!

Superlooks is located in Diemen (Amsterdam). They give workshops and sell their own make up and brushes. Superlooks is founded by Dorina van der Graaff. She is always loved beauty and fashion. After a couple years working as a fashion-photographer, she decided to start her own make up line.

Superlooks 2

Our workshop was all about day and evening make-up. First our host explained us everything about cleaning your face and prepping your face for the make-up. We only used Superlooks-products. After that our host invited one of my friends to be a models and she explained us everything about concealer, primer and foundation. She also applied an easy natural look. After that we could try it. Our host was very kind and she answered our questions and helps us whenever we needed help.

After the natural make up, we had a short break and we got ready for Part 2 of the workshop: how to switch from a natural look to a glamourous party look.
Our host invited another model (also one of my friends) and she  explained everything about making your look as glamorous as possible. After finishing, we could try it ourselves again.


Afterwards we got two lip/eye pencils and we had the opportunity to purchase the make up. Of course I bought some make-up, because it felt so good. I loved everything about it. The pigment, the softness of the brushes, everything. Unfortunately when I got home, the lip/eye pencils were missing. The next day I called them and Superlooks immediately send me those pencils. They even got me an extra one!

I can definitely recommend this to everybody. They have a lot of experience and their products are amazing. The prices aren’t high and the quality is really good.

For more information:
Website: Superlooks
Phone: 0031 (0) 20 420 10 20

Have you ever done a make-up workshop?



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