Yanis Marshall’s danceclasses in high heels

Yanis MarshallEvery day I hear girls say how beautiful heels are and how good their legs look when they wear heels. But in reality, when girls in Holland (except maybe Rotterdam) go out, they always wear sneakers of flats. Their feet can’t handle it. I gotta admit, my feet aren’t Beyonces feet either, but I do love wearing high heels mucho.

Dancing in high heels is a bit different than walking in high heels. Dancing is faster and you really need to control your body (or feet in this case). When you are a dancer and a fan of high heels, you gotta pay a visit to Yanis Marshall’s dance classes.

Yanis Marshall is a young choreographer, dancer and teacher. He went to Rosella Hightower School of Dance in Cannes, France. He went to New York and nowadays he is back in Paris, teaching the world the art of dance in high heels.

Why high heels? The answer is simple: “Why not?” Heels are his favorite accessory in dance.

I have been You-Tubing him for the past hours and I adore him. His moves are fabulous and he really owns the high heels.

I really love the idea of danceclasses in high heels. I’ve been dancing for over 20 years and I hardly ever dance in high heels. Even in Salsa and Zouk most of the times I danced on flats. This looks way more fabulous and  makes the performance fierce. I love it!

Yanis Marshall teaches at:

Studio Harmonic
5 passage des Taillandiers
Paris 75011

Metro stop: Métro Bastille (Lignes 1, 5, 8,)



3 thoughts on “Yanis Marshall’s danceclasses in high heels

  1. Dear, yanis
    ..my name is eloise and I have lost my dance skills….I am very dissapointed with myself but when I saw you it made me realize that its worth gettin back….
    .I am 24 yrs of age just had a new born babie and o wish to start fresh I ask you with faith that if you could reply back or even call 318 404 8550 thanks I would love to tell you more

  2. I recently broke up with my ex boyfreind of 7 years I am now 26 year old male and I stumbled across one of ur dance classes and it made me find the passion I once had for dance again I was lost for a little bit I thank you for helping me come out of my shell again I wish I could come to your dance class but unfourtunatly I am in canada but thank you yanis for helping me find who I want to b again I ain’t letting any man hold me back from my dream ever again !!!

  3. Thank you so much for that post!! As a dancer and a dance teacher at the age of 20(Me), I adore Yanis and see him as one of my biggest and most awe-inspiring role models in my life. So thank you ❤ !

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