High Pheels

Anthony High PheelsAbout two weeks ago I got an email from Antony Ciccarelli. He is the owner of High Pheels (pronounced peels) and offered me to test the High Peels. I googled it and I got excited. Of course I wanted to do that! About a week later a package from San Antonio, Texas arrived.

High Pheels – the concept.
Have you ever looked at your pile of shoes wondering how it ever came this far?  Owning the perfect heel and wishing you could change the color? Or broke as MC Hammer and really need another color heels for that perfect dress?
Antony Ciccarelli made the perfect accessory for that problem! He came up with the idea when one of his friends visited him with a suitcase filled with heels. He said: “There had to be an easier way, why not have one shoe and change out the covers.”. That’s when High Pheels were born. Currently Anthony is working on the perfect heels to fit the High Pheels.

How does it work? 
Easy! You slide the heel into the larger opening and pull it over the shoe. You tuck the extra fabric (the black part) into the shoe. The extra fabric makes your shoe soft and nice on the inside. It actually feels like wearing a sock in your high heels. So soft!
You do have to adjust the fabric a bit to make it look like you bought the heel like that. You don’t want to ask people why the outside of your shoe is wrinkly, right?

High Pheels 1

My opinion
I gotta say, this idea is brilliant and why didn’t I come up with it? My heels totally changed into a different pair. They look brand new! I am very excited about this concept. Its easy and it totally changes the look of my heels. High Pheels has a lot of different designs, so you can go crazy!
It makes the heel a bit smaller, so some heels might get too small for your feet. Like I said before, you really need to adjust the fabric before you wear them. And don’t pull them all the way around the toe of the shoe, cause you don’t want to mess up the High Pheel. I would recommend you wear them with platform heels.

High Pheels 2

If you are a shoe fanatic like me, I would really recommend to take a look on their website. It’s cheap and a really good solution to change the look your favorite heels day after day, night after night.

The High Pheels are perfect when you have to travel a lot, no suitcases filled with heels anymore. The less heels you bring, the more room for new shoes you buy in exotic destinations right! 😉

Website High Pheels
Price: $19.99
Available in two sizes: Small (5-7,5), Medium (8-10.5)
You can also find High Pheels on Facebook



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