What to wear on my schoolpictures?

dale-irbyYou’ll probably know all about it, when you’re a mother or a student yourself. Schoolpictures. In Holland the spring is a popular time to take schoolpictures. The kids arrive in their best outfit and their hair done. Mothers warn me about stains and a tuft of hair in faces and I always check the kids 10 times before the picture is taken.

I started teaching 5 years ago and I always think about my outfit in the schoolpicture. I don’t want it to look like the year before and of course I want to look fabulous too. I have a huge attraction to blue, so I also need to pay attention to that. No blue outfits on every picture!

I came across a teacher from Dallas, who had no problem with deciding what he wanted to wear on school-picture day. He just wore the same outfit over and over again. It started out on purpose and his wife dared him to wear it another time.   At first he was a bit embarrassed about it. But after 5 times, it kinda got normal. He used to be a gym teacher, so he normally never wears this kind of outfit to work.

I think it’s amazing he still fits into the same outfit as 40 years ago. He has probably gained some of weight, but he still fits in his shirt and looks great in that outfit! 😉

nmc_5blow01gm1Do you have a hard time picking out an outfit for a (school)picture? Do you ever wear the same outfit twice on a picture?



2 thoughts on “What to wear on my schoolpictures?

  1. Ik heb een kind in de klas gehad die, toen de fotograaf na een aantal weken de foto’s op school afleverde, aandachtig naar de foto keek waar hij zelf opstond en zei: “hee, dat bloesje heb ik ook!”

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