W.I.C. Mystic Japan

WIC-MYSTIC-JAPANI always really like the World Inspired Colours by Herome. I already got some nail polish from the Curacao and the Holland collection. Herome gave me the opportunity to try one of the colors of the new WIC collection: Mystic Japan. Like a lot of other nail polish brands Herome gives every nailpolish a name. From left to right, they are called: Shizuoka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Nemuro, Kyoto and Sappora.

Herome gave me the opportunity to test the yellow nail polish “Nemuro”. To be honest, At first I was a little disappointed when I opened the envelop. Yellow. What the..?  Why me? I never wear yellow. But yellow is the color of 2013 so I gave it a shot. Luckily, cause it turned out a lot better than I thought it would!

WIC Mystic Japan Nemuro 1a

Yellow nail polish is very hard to apply without streaks. I have no clue why, so if you know: leave a comment below! Unfortunately, Nemuro is very streaky too. After four thin (!!) layers the streaks finally disappeared. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it turned out to be a great color. It’s really bright yellow. It feels like the sun landed on my nails!

WIC Mystic Japan Nemuro 2aPersonally, I think  that the brush from WIC is a little bit to sharp-edged. Because of the shape it’s hard to apply the nail polish close to my cuticles. I always have trouble with that. I like rounded brushed a lot better, cause I have to clean up less afterwards. The consistency of the nail polish is perfect. It’s not to thick and not to thin.

WIC Mystic Japan Nemuro 3a

As you can see, the nail polish is opaque and bight. I used a basecoat from OPI and a topcoat from Essence.

All in all, the polish tends to be streaky, but it’s fixable. The color is bright and really gives my a happy and ‘summer’ feeling. The polishes cost  €7,50 each and  €12,50 per two. They are available in drugstores in Holland and online at Herome.nl

Is there a color of nail polish you hardly wear? What is your favorite color?



One thought on “W.I.C. Mystic Japan

  1. Leuk zo’n opvallend lakje! Past goed bij jou. Niet een kleur die ik zou dragen, maar dat komt omdat geel en ik niet zo goed samen gaan haha.

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