Looking out to all that’s ahead

537252_497659340277033_1201607893_nWeekly update!

I’ve been very busy lately. I had a couple of busy weeks at school and with my friends, so I didn’t have a lot of time to write something about every training. Week 5 and 6 have been the same. The schedule was like this:

WEEK 5/6 run walk run walk run walk run walk run walk
day 29/36 2′ 2′ 3′ 2′ 5′ 3′ 5′ 3′ 5′ 2′ 32 min
day 30/37 rest
day 31/38 2′ 1′ 3′ 2′ 6′ 2′ 6′ 2′ 7′ 2′ 33 min
day 32/39 rest
day 33/40 2′ 2′ 4′ 2′ 5′ 2′ 6′ 2′ 7′ 2′ 34 min
day 34/41 rest
day 35/42 rest


My view. I love this part of the route. It’s the best part of the training. I love the wind, the boats, the canal, everything! This picture was taking at the end of a training. I always meet other runners here and they all give me a smile that really motivates me!

bea99342cae511e29cc822000a1f96e3_7It’s been a bit difficult sometimes cause the abdominal pain came back a couple of times. I did some research online and found out it’s caused by eating before training, breathing wrong and stress on your muscles. I never eat an hour before training, never have done that. I know I can’t handle that with dance practice, so I also can’t handle it with running. I always focus on breathing right so that might not be it. I started looking for right ways to run and I found out you have to run upright (I’m not sure if that’s the right word), chest forward and chin up. I tried it the last lesson and I have to say, it went very well. I exaggerated it a bit and tried to have the feeling I was chasing my own boobs! hahaha! It worked! So next week I hope for a lot of improvement, cause next week is gonna be tough! New challenges!

In a couple weeks I’m ready to run the 5k. I was curious how fair my route is, so I downloaded RunKeeper. This app is so great, I could dedicate a whole blogpost about it! My route is between 2.60 and 3,2 miles. (5K = 3.1 mile) So I’m basically there. I only need to run without the walking-parts. I still have 4 weeks to train for that! 😀 (okay a bit less, but I wrote this blogpost last week and I already started week 7!)



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