Shoestory #3: Stolen Heels

Stolen 2a

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect shoe, sometimes you just hit the jackpot right on! I love it when I immediately fall in love. These heels are the perfect example of hitting the jackpot.

Last year (SS12) my friend needed a new dress for a party, so we went shopping. One of the best places to score an awesome dress is Supertrash. Lovely crew, neat store and fabulous clothes. For those who don’t know: Supertrash is owned by business fashionista Olcay Gulsen. The story goes that Olcay bought Supertrash from It-girl Ava Riley. But there are doubts too… (Dutchies: click) because Ava Riley is nowhere to be found online. So I leave that an open question! The bottom line, Supertrash has amazing clothes and fabulous heels!

Supertrash in my hometown is a narrow store with in the back a rack with shoes. When I entered the store I immediately noticed something in the back. Every step I  take, makes my heart beat a bit faster. New collection! New heels! I love Supertrash heels. Most of the time they are a bit edgier than most of the shoes you see in Utrecht.

Stolen 3aI already took a peek online and I wanted to try on 3 pairs. I didn’t see this specific pair yet. I tried the other heels on, but unfortunately they weren’t available in my size anymore. I got a bit sad, but that didn’t take long, because I spotted something. A feast for the eyes! A pair of brown heels, named “Stolen”. The shopgirl knew she had the heels in my size. But something was holding me back. But these heels were so freaking awesome. I know myself very, very well. When I don’t try the heels on, I won’t buy them. But when I try them on, I will buy them. At that time I was already aware of my ‘shoediction’. And I knew how it goes (every single time) and I needed  to pay attention to my addiction.

Stolen 1a

But of course… I tried them on…

These heels are not all peaches and cream. As you can see, there is not platform. I am so used with platform heels, this is a bit awkward everytime I wear them. I literally feel everything on the street. Every stone, every uneveness, every little smut that’s on the street!

Do you still wear heels without a platform?



3 thoughts on “Shoestory #3: Stolen Heels

  1. Echt heel mooie schoenen! Zelf heb ik ook hakken zonder een plateauzool en ze zijn inderdaad in het begin niet zo fijn om op te lopen, maar na een tijdje went alles wel natuurlijk! Als ik weer wat geld gespaard heb ga ik zeker ook weer een keertje naar de Supertrash-winkel hier in de buurt 😉

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