How to survive a No-buy #3: goals


My shoe No Buy started on october 21. I decided to stop buying shoes for a whole year. Sometimes it frustrates me, because there are beautiful shoes everywhere. But sometimes it makes me happy, because I can spend my money on something else. But the most important thing I passed 200 days May 9th. Yay! Well done, Menina!

What really helped me is to set a goal. The main goals is of course ‘No shoes for a year’ but there is also a different goal underneath that.

Goals? Why?
As a teacher, I know all about goals. Setting a goals helps me to stay on track and keeps me motivated to actually get there. Normally, it’s easier to set smaller goals instead of a big one, like I did: a year is a long, long time. But after a day without the urge to buy shoes, I am proud of myself (despite the fact that it take me a year to achieve this goal). The good thing about setting goals is the motivation other people get from my goal. I love to tell about my Shoe No Buy. Everybody is excited and proud of me. After all, 7 months baby!

no spendMy Goals
I have two goals. One shoe related goals and one other goal. Let’s start with the other goal.

My bank recently changed a couple things and you can add saving goals. My current goals are holiday and a new lens for my camera. I have two Canon lenses but I’m sick and tired of them. So I’m saving for a Sigma lens. Not sure which one, but I got time to think about that. I’m also saving money for the summer holiday. I like to go to places like Brasil and Curacao, but that not cheap! My Shoe No Buy saves me money which I can invest in something else. Killing two birds with one stone, right!

My shoe related goals is (what else) to buy a great pair of timeless heels. I’m dying to get my first pair of  designer heels. I don’t have a specific one in mind. But time will tell. It probably feels a lot better when I buy a pair of designer heels after a year then buying 20 cheaper heels for the same amount of money.

Stick to your goals!
Nobody achieved their goals by doing nothing. Obama didn’t become president because of his smile and Beyonce didn’t become superstar by sitting on her fabulous butt. They worked hard. I knew from the start my No Buy wasn’t going to be  easy. It was going to be tough, real tough. But I am proud to say: I’m more than half way there.
I started this blog as a reason to stick to my goal. I love blogging, have done it for a couple years in the past, so why not combine something I love with a goal? I also started immediately. There is no need in postponing your goals. If you don’t start now, you’ll never ever start!
Other tips you may find useful: write a short game-plan, focus on your strengths, ask somebody to help you (like a guardian),  create milestones and don’t ever start on New Years!

What are your current goals?



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