In it for the 5k run


Weekly update!

Week 3 has been finished for a couple of days and I started week 4 already. As you probably already know I’m participating in the Start To Run by Evy Gruyaert Podcast to train for the 5K Girls Run (Meidenloop).

WEEK 3  run walk run walk run walk run walk run walk run walk run walk run walk
day 15 1′ 1′ 2′ 2′ 3′ 3′ 3′ 3′ 3′ 2′ 23 min
day 16 rest
day 17 2′ 2′ 2′ 1′ 2′ 1′ 2′ 1′ 2′ 1′ 2′ 1′ 2′ 1′ 2′ 1′ 25 min
day 18 rest
day 19 1′ 1′ 2′ 2′ 4′ 3′ 4′ 3′ 5′ 1′ 26 min
day 20 rest
day 21 rest

Day 15 – Lesson 7
This lesson was quite good. The weather was good and I am happy with the route. I wore my sunglasses, because the sun was really bright the last lesson. I must say, it was a lot more comfortable with my sunglasses!

Day 17 – Lesson 8
It has been raining on and off. Every time I wanted to go: rain again! In the afternoon, the weather started to clear up and I put on my running shoes and left.
Today was a real interval training, the minutes of rest were shorter: one minute walking and two minutes running. When I wanted to start my final two minute run, all hell broke loose. The rain poured down, thunder and lightning everywhere. I ran like Forrest Gump straight home! Luckily, I could finish my last run.
When I arrived home my boyfriend opened the door and (of course) laughed his butt off, because I was soaked!

Day 19 – Lesson 9
First time 5 minutes! I gotta say, I nailed it. But it took me some effort. I ran a bit to fast, I had a twinge, but after I started to focus on my breathing again, it disappeared.

3 weeks down, 7 to go..
I really need to make a schedule because I’m not sure if I can finish it in time…
These couple of weeks I came across a lot of people who are using the same training as I do. How are you people doing? How do you motivate yourself to finish?



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