Shoplog Breda

H&M2Since my shoe No buy, I changed my mind a bit about shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I still love shopping and I can shop for hours and hours. But I changed my mind a bit about the prices. Back in the days (okay last year) I bought everything I liked. I couldn’t have enough jeans, shirts and blazers. I still prefer some brands more like others, like blazers from Rinascimento. I just love the fit, the fabric and the quality. But you pay for that, not a little. Nope, a lot! Still love it, but I don’t live at the end of a rainbow anymore.

So, when my friend and I decided to go shopping in Breda, I made a little appointment with myself. €80 euros is the limit and only clothes I really need.
Yes, also shopaholics like me do miss items in their collection! For example, I needed a skater skirt, a maxi skirt/dress and new ‘diamond’ earrings. Off we went!

Breda is a fun city to go shopping. It’s a bit like Utrecht, but without the canals. Overzichtelijk, cosy and beautiful old buildings. The shops are the same as everywhere, H&M, Zara, Pieces. But there are also some good boutiques with nice clothes. I really like Le Ballon. They sell Rinascimento blazers!

Let’s get to the most interesting part: my  haul! 😉

IMG_8642First of all, I bought this great animal-printed legging. I immediately had an image of an outfit I wanted to make with this legging. I grapped the outfit together and I tried it on! It was perfect! Curious about the outfit? I’ll show you later! I bought this legging at Pieces.

IMG_8641I’ve been looking for the perfect skater/pleated skirt for a while. Most of them looked weird on me. But this one is lovely! I love the print and I can wear it with a lot of different colors. I bought this one at H&M.


Blouses are always good. I wear these to work but also on a hot summer day with shorts. This one is very light and is a bit see-through. Also from H&M.


A couple months ago I bought two high waisted jeans at Pieces and I wear them a lot with my white see-though blouse but I wanted something else too. My friend tried this cropped blouse on and I loved it on her, so I tried it on too. It was a match made in heaven! I haven’t tried it on but I’m sure it would look great.


To be honest, I didn’t buy this one in Breda. But I went back to the H&M in Utrecht to get it. I got it it from a rack in the fitting-room and I loved it but the size wasn’t right. I went to H&M in Utrecht to buy the right size. The skirt is made from sheer chiffon and short tonal underlay. It has two side splits a little above the knee.

Do you like my items? Did you get anything good lately?



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