Recipe: homemade strawberry-ade


Yay! Finally the weather is really changing in Holland. We’ve already had some good days, but the next day was always horribly cold again. This week it’s different. It looks like the weather is changing for real. Goodbye wintercoat, gloves and scarfs, Hello sunglasses, sunlotion and cold drinks!

I love making my own lemonade with fresh lemons and a bit of suger. But, after a while it starts to get abit boring and I always want a new taste. My boyfriend (I gotta give him a lot of credits for this) invented a new lemonade. Actually it’s more strawberry-ade. It’s very easy to make. You only need strawberry jam, a bit of suger and water. You’ll probably already have the ingredients in your fridge!

The ingredients:


Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend them for a minute. When everything is mixed well, add the amount of water you like. I added a liter of water. If you want the drink a bit sweeter, add less water, if you like it less sweet, add more water. Stir it well and voila! Ready to go!

This drink really tastes like an alcohol-free strawberry daiquiri. You can probably add rum and ice and it’s your homemade alternative daiquiri! But I haven’t tried that yet.
It really made me go back to the beach at Curacao with the sun, soft sand, good music and a tropical breeze!

Do you like to make different kinds of lemonade? What is your favorite thirst-quenching drink during the summer?



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