Running towards 5k

537252_497659340277033_1201607893_nOne of the reasons why I started this blog and my Shoe No Buy is that I love a challenge. The louder people say it’s difficult or that I can’t to it, the more dedicated I get.
Last year my friend ran the 5k ‘Girls-run’ (Meidenloop). She was very enthusiastic about it and before I knew it, I told her I wanted to join her the next year. Of course, she didn’t forget! Believe it or not, on the 30th of june I’ll run the 5k!

evy-GruyaertI can’t do this alone so I got my ipod and uploaded my favorite podcast: Evy Gruyaert’s Start To Run and bought myself a nice pair or running-shoes. Yes, you read it correctly, I bought new shoes. But, this is an exception, cause I definately need good shoes. Otherwise I’ll just mess up my knees and ankles.

Evy is the best girl to keep you motivated. During the training she’ll tell you (with her sweet Belgian accent) that you are doing really well and that she’s very proud. Believe it or not, I buy it every time! It’s like she is running next to you! She also has a great playlist, so the training is never boring.

The first week looks like this:

WEEK 1 run walk run walk run walk run walk  run  walk
day 1 1′ 1′ 1′ 1′ 2′ 2′ 2′ 2′ 3′ 3′ 18 min
day 2 rest
day 3 1′ 1′ 1′ 1′ 2′ 2′ 3′ 3′ 3′ 3′ 20 min
day 4 rest
day 5 1′ 1′ 2′ 2′ 2′ 2′ 3′ 3′ 3′ 3′ 22 min
day 6 rest
day 7 rest

Day 1
The first day is always the easiest. It’s the third time for me to do this interval-training. So I know what to expect. I ran on a path next to the canal. Very windy, but good asphalt and you don’t have to think where you want to go.


Day 2/3.

I didn’t take the rest-day, I just went straight to day 3. I dance and go to the gym, so I tought I could handle it just fine.

sunshine, a little breeze and the lovely Evy that keeps me motivated! This can’t be any better. I wish every run could be like this.

Day 5
I was sick for a couple days, so I cheated a little with the days, but I started again with lesson 3. It was a cold run. It just rained a bit and the wind was really hard! But I managed and I told myself a couple of times: ‘Everything ends eventually’.

After this run I have a two days off. I don’t think I’ll take two days off, because I need to catch up a little, due to the sick-days!

Do you like to go for a run? Did you ever run 5K?


Images are all from Google.


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