Goodbye Queen B, Hello King W-A!


The 30th of April is for every country in the world a regular day. Except for the Netherlands. The night before we all get drunk and the next day we either sell our entire household with a huge hangover on the flee market or we buy somebody elses entire household also with a huge hangover. Ow and eat churros! Like during the World Cup we all dress up red/white/blue or completely orange. Like maniacs. We must love our Queen a lot, don’t we!

No, I’m not kidding, everybody in Holland will wear something orange and we all act like true royalists. We love our Queen and we love to celebrate that with a lot of beer and crazy orange outfits.


This year it’s a very special Queens Day, because our queen Beatrix decided to resign (no Queen for Life for her, she can happily enjoy her well deserved retirement) and give her crown to her oldest son Willem-Alexander. Willem Alexander is married to the lovely Maxima and they have three children: Amalia (next one in line), Alexia and Ariane.

Enough about that, let’s go to the second important thing: what to wear?

For those who celebrate Queens Day or just like orange for a whole different reason, I found some amazing shoes to wear.

kors-by-michael-kors-tangerine-belle-platform- zappo

KORS Michael Kors, Belle $295. Very expensive for one day, but they are truly amazing. The platform makes it easier to walk and the heel isn’t very thin, also easier to walk on when your not (yet) a pro! I love the gold buckle. Definitely one I would love to own! Interested? Click here.

Victor and Rolf

Victor and Rolf, bow high heel pump (this can’t actually be the name of the shoe, but I couldn’t find it) $675. V&R are Dutch and they definitely show that with this shoe. It screams ‘Oranje Boven’, which means something like ‘Orange above all’. The only detail I miss is a red/white/blue lining. These aren’t made for walking in Amsterdam (horrible pavement) and way to expensive for just a day! Interested? Click here.

zinda zalando

Zinda – Orange Wedge €149,95. Not a bright orange as the first two but nevertheless a great shoe! Golden detals en a high heel! This heel is also wearable for a whole day, without getting stuck between the pavement or messing up the heel in a day!

melissa-orange-campana-papel-flat-product-1-5890668-093836225_large_flexMelissa Campana Papel III/IV, $80. Ladies, this shoe is the best. It’s washable, you can’t break it, get stuck or whatever. These shoes are also environment friendly. They are created with a ‘zero waste ethos’. The website says: “Melissa recycles 99.9% of factory water and waste, and they recycle overstock styles into next season’s collection.” What else do you want? From my own experience: It’s like walking on clouds, Melissa is an awesome brand! Interested? Click here.


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