Shoe Story #2: Head over heels

Head over heels logo

Curaçao (Caribbean), truly a little bit of heaven on earth. White sand, blue oceans, beautiful people, delicious food and…. wonderful shoes!
Most of the times I instantly fall in love with a pair of heels. The second we meet, I already know I need to bring them home. No doubt about that! I also knew it with this pair.

Curaçao didn’t exactly won an award for best shopping-places. But when you happen to wake up at this wonderful gift of nature, you really should visit ‘Head over Heels’ owned by Nanja Singerling. It’s located at Jan Thiel Beach and has the most beautiful heels ever!

I remember, I was on a quest to buy pretty heels. Like usual on a holiday, I buy a couple pair of heels to remember the good time I’ve had. I already saw these beauties in a different store at Promenade Shopping. For those who don’t know Curaçao that well: these shoppings contain a drugstore, bikini’s, shoes and make-up. When you’r lucky there is also a stationery store. That’s basically it! Sounds bigger than it actually is! 😉
Anyway, unfortunately those beauties were to big for me… So after trying them on I went back to the car and inside I cried a little.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about those perfect lace heels.


Later during that holiday, we went to a new restaurant at Jan Thiel. They just opened the place after a reconstruction of the area. I got out of the car and instead of following my boyfriend and his brother, I just stood there.  I saw this amazing store, called ‘Head over Heels’. It looked so sophisticated and nothing like all the other stores. I yelled to the guys I just needed to go inside that store and I ran off.


And there they were….

My beloved black laced high heeled shoes! In my size!!

I tried them on and they were perfect. That holiday I didn’t take them off anymore. I went swimming, tanning, shopping, dancing and even sleeping in those amazing heels.

Thats 3 years ago… Nowadays, they are one of my
most treasured heels and loved by everyone who meets them!

Have you ever truly dreamed about a pair of heels?

Read below for the address.

IMG_8556 2

You can find Head over Heels on Facebook or visit them:
Jan Thiel Beach 
Willemstad, Curacao
Dutch Antiles
Call: +599 9 747 8018



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