App review: Shoe Addicts

app_iconI spend hours and hours online looking at the shoe collection of many Instagram-users. I know all the hashtags and the users with the best collection. My timeline is a mix-up of shoes, make-up, fashion, beautiful cities and other interesting (sometimes useless) stuff.
So when I found the app Shoe Addicts I was happily surprised! This is definitely an app with great potential and probably heaven for foot fetishists. 😉

Shoe Addicts is the child of shoelover Anela Sencar and applover Pedja Puselja from Croatia.
The app looks a lot like instagram but they renamed a everything. The timeline is called ‘Shoeline’ and instead of a ‘like’ you give a ‘heels up’. Funny right!
The vitrine is the most fun part of the app. You can browse the most popular shoes, by city and nearby. On the downside: there aren’t that many users: a popular picture is one with only 11 ‘heels up’. I’m not sure how many users Shoe Addicts has, cause I can’t find it anywhere.

abeelding 2

When you add your favorite pair of heels or most precious flats, you can add the brand and the prize. So if you see your dreampair, you know immediately where to buy them! Unfortunately the App doesn’t know every brand, so a I can’t name half of my shoe collection! It would be nice if you can add brands yourself. In the future owners Sencar and Puselja want to add information about local and international available discounts. Good to know right!

afbeelding 3

I must say, this app is a bit of a surprise. I really like the idea. But I’m not sure if it’s going to beat Instagram. Despite to the fact it’s a startup business, the app and the idea has a lot of potential.

You can find my shoeline @myshoediction or click on the left side on the banner!



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