Blink SS2013

One of my favorite brands is definitely Blink. The quality is good and the prizes are reasonble! I think I own about 5 pair of Blink heels. I even won a pair the other day!  The new collection is even more fabulous than the one last year. Take a look with me.

First up: a lovely grey heel with a gold detail.

I love the butterfly on the toe of the shoe. It gives shoe a bit of an edge. Lately, I am an sucker for gold details. So this one would look amazing in my shoe collection.

Second, another heel with gold details.

Sexy and with an attitude. This heel should give you a lot of confidence! Available in different colors. €59.90

Third, I love gold, but rose is a whole other level!

This color is amazing. It’s looks so good with my red hair. Like last year, spikes are for sexy ladies. Nobody will mess with you when you wear these heels. Available in diffferent colors. €65.00

Forth, for you ladies who don’t like to wear heels of for the easy days!

Studded loafers are the best. Simple, elegant and you can wear them with anything. Available in different colors. € 49.50

Last but not least, a wedge.

These heels give me an ultimate summer vibe. Shiny stones and sparkling blue. Perfect for a day strolling across the boulevard or a small town in france.

What is your opinion on Blink SS2013?



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