The rush from online shopping

20130303-153557.jpgI love the internet, it made my life so much easier. Everything is one click away. Did you know you can surf to every website within 16 clicks? I read that somewhere once.
When we went on a vacation to the U.S. I always loved to go shopping at American brandstores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21 and the Gap.
Nowadays it’s way easier. I reach for my beloved MacBook and sit down on my comfy couch wearing my favorite pj’s with a cup of hot tea. There’s no need to spend a fortune on plane tickets, I just go online and within seconds the whole world is right on my lap. ūüėČ

I love spending hours at these fashion websites sifting through all the dresses, skirts, heels, accessories and so many pretty items. It’s so easy to click on the buy-button and fill up the shoppingbag as if there’s no limit on your credit card.

Then the rush starts…

mailmanI can’t think straight anymore, all I think about is my bright yellow plastic bag in the mail. I drive my direct colleague crazy with my absurd happiness. It’s like getting a present.
When the mailman finally arrives with my package, I’m never home. So he delivers it to my amazing (and always home) neighbor and writes me a note, where he delivered my long-expected package.

*I’m writing this with a huge smile on my face. I’m totally reliving that moment*

Sometimes my boyfriend is home before I am and he picks it up next door. He always teases me with lots of pictures of the package. It makes me feel like the night before christmas. These packages always feel like a present, although I know deep in my heart, I’m the one paying cold hard cash for it.
When I was younger, I always ripped the bag open. But nowadays I proceed a lot more dignified. I cut it open, wanting to let that moment last as long as possible. My heart starts to beat a bit faster and the adrenaline rushes through my body. Every time! My standard reaction goes a bit like this:

‘Yay! Look at this dress! Oh, I love the pattern. Amazing, that fabric is so soft! Ah, that ring is fabulous and would look awesome with this vest and this new blouse!’

20130303-153630.jpgAfter that I’ll try everything on and most of the times it fits like a glove. The easy part of online shopping is returning it, but I hardly every get to the returning part. Every item has something I don’t have in my closet yet.

Do you shop online? What is your common reaction?



2 thoughts on “The rush from online shopping

  1. Haha ik snap dit helemaal, heerlijk vind ik het! Als ik toch veel geld zou hebben dan zou ik echt zo ontzettend veel online kopen al moet ik eerlijk zeggen dat ik ook heel erg geniet van een dag shoppen in de stad hoor :)! Heerlijk, shoppen is altijd leuk, in real life of online!

    xo Rosie

  2. I shop online mostly as I am often too busy to go to a physical store. So yeah online shopping is my life! No cues, no crying babies and best of all: you can immediately see how your new items combine with what you already have. I don’t have the ‘kid at Christmas’ feel anymore as much unless it’s a package I really covet.

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