See-through shoeboxes

Today I walked by a shoe store in my hometown and something caught my attention. Something awesome that I’ve never seen before or even knew existed for that matter. It was the piece of a puzzle I’ve been missing. And there it was, right in front of my eyes, so easy but amazingly clever. Clear, see-through and simple, right what I needed! For a second I couldn’t breath, did I finally found it? The best way to store my shoes? Maybe, but this was definitely a great option! “Hello there, see-through shoebox! My name is Menina, do you want to come live with me? “

Imagine a room full of clear see-through shoe boxes carefully piled on each other giving the illusion of pretty shoes floating in the air without any dust collecting on them. I can’t wait to own a room like that!

I searched on Google and a whole new world opened in front of my eyes. Why did I never came up with this idea? There are a million different versions of the plastic shoebox! Am I the only one left in the dark for this long??
I found a lot of different clear shoeboxes but one of them really got me. “The Container Store” sells boxes for heels. Awesome, right!


The designer of the boxes really thought it through. The boxes have ventilation holes, so there won’t be a horrible smell when you accidentally open your boyfriends shoebox instead of your own. We ladies never have smelly feed, right!



4 thoughts on “See-through shoeboxes

  1. Wow, such a good idea!=) No needs to search a necessary pair for a long time… ♥ I will keep in my mind=) Thank you ♥

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