Heels inspired by animals

I always wonder where designers get their inspiration. Some designers get their inspiration by a country, others see stuff on the streets they like. Well, the following shoe-designers got their inspiration from their favorite animals. By that, I don’t mean lushious leopard prints or sexy zebra prints. No, real animals. You know, like cows or ducks.

Take a look with me.

First up is Kobi Levi’s Flamingo heels.

kobi_levi_flamingo-3These heels really look like a flamingo! I gotta give him credit for it. I especially like the heel. It looks like it’s able to change legs in a second! Kobi Levi designed a lot of other animal heels. Google him! It’s worth it!

Second up is Iris Schieferstein’s hooves. She actually used a real animal to make these hooves.

IRIS-SCHIEFERSTEIN-FINALI hate it. I would never ever wear them, not even for a million dollars. Ow wait, a million dollars is a lot of money… I could easily buy a pair of Choo’s or Loubi’s after that! Anyway, I find it a bit weird. Would you wear these heels?

Third up, Christian Louboutin’s Paw heels.

Christian-Louboutin-Paw-Shoes-3These heels are actually worn by Blake Lively and Sarah Michelle Gellar. What can I say… I love the glittery heel and the color and I might even wear them, just because this one is the most inconspicuous pair I could find!

Last but not least, not a heel but very animalistic… I don’t think they are real, but it sure is funny! Imagine the smell of your feet after a long walk!


Would you wear one of these heels?



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