My life in pics #2

instagramIt’s been a long time since my last ‘My life in pics’. This time I choose 10 pics that represent last two months the best.

It’s been an hectic time, because there was a lot going on in my life. I dropped every thing to finish my masters. I studied for hours and hours to get it done. Right now, I’m waiting go get my result…

Instagram2From left to right

1. I went to see Dutch comedians Plien & Bianca with my colleague. Her parents bought tickets but they didn’t want to go anymore, so she invited me to join. It was some night! We laught our butts off!
2. Study, study, study… Its so hard for me to finish any work at home, so I always go to coffee-bars or cafes to work. Sometimes you gotta treat yourself, so I bought myself a good slice of applepie!
3. Last couple weeks was all about winning. I won a book at Its about being a patient at a mental hospital. It’s an autobiography. I’m still reading the book…
4. New collections in every store! Love it! Mango sells some great new shirts, one of them was especially made for me. Rio de Janeiro is the city I love the most.
5. A unique event was brought to a parc in Rotterdam: China Lights Festival. The park was turned into ‘a fairy-tale like paradise’. The atmosphere was very magical, especially when it started to snow!
6. Brasilian Baking Creations: Bolo de leite condensado
7. We had a cold, long winter so I drank a lot of hot coco with marshmallows!
8. My parents were married for 30 year last summers. Instead of the usual tea and cake they wanted to make a big piece of mosaic together. Every one of us made an 30/30 cm piece. This one is mine. I’m still very impressed by my own mosaic skills!
9. I spend so many hours watching this sunset when trying to graduate!  Day after day, after another day! But it finally paid off: I’m graduated!
10. During my break in February, one of my girlfriends and I went shopping in Antwerp for a day. Whoever said ladies can’t find directions is wrong! We didn’t make any wrong turns and we safely got home again!



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