Jimmy Choo SS13

imageI’ve been feeling it for a while now. When I wake up in the morning I hear birds fighting about the best spot in the tree. I need my sunglasses when I bike home after a day of work and I don’t need gloves anymore. Spring is coming!!

Every designer already presented their new fashion and stores are changing their winter-collection into the colorful summer-collection. Jimmy Choo did an excellent job with their new collection. A lot of nude heels and floral wedges and ravishing snakeprints.

Dream Jimmy ChooDream – €995
These heels are my favorites of the summer colllection. The heel has it all: outstanding, high heel (120mm/4.7″) and snakeprint. I love the purple rope around the ankle and the multi-colored tassles. It gives a bit of an morrocan vibe.

Jimmy Choo Bolt

Bolt – €1350
The ultimate combination between snakeprint and flowers. The heel is also 120mm/4.7″. It’s looks like the amazon caught in a heel. Jimmy Choo has different styles of shoes with the same pattern.

Jimmy Choo Damita

Damita – €1450
Party, party! This heel screams to dance! I love the neon pink raffles. The heel is 120mm/4.7″. It would look so good with matching clutch and a little black dress!

Jimmy Choo Tahi

Tahi – €895
When you want long sexy legs like Jennifer Lopez, wear nude heels with a short dress. These heels are l120mm/4.7″ and are made of suede. They have two goldcolored buckles. I love the instep and the tiny flowers in the suede. When you’re a fast tanning girl, you might even get tiny flowers on your foot!

What are your favorites of Jimmy Choo SS13?


All pics are from Jimmy Choo


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