Meet Miss J. Alexander – Shoe-designer.

miss-jay-alexander-antm-335a051407“When I look at a girl, I’m looking at her for body, for movement. She can be as ugly as the bottom of my shoe, but if she can walk, and have confidence, and look good, that’s all that matters for this. You can turn that ugly into beauty.”

You either love him or hate him! Miss J. Alexander. The eccentric judge from America’s Next Top Model.
A little over a year ago Miss. J. Alexander, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel got canned from the cast from ANTM.

No more crying and feeling blue about that: Miss J. found a new carrier. He is going to be a shoedesigner. Probably a good next step for a runway trainer. He already is an expert on how to walk a runway in extreme high heels!

Miss J. said to “I’m working on shoes–I’m gon’ design some shoes!“I can’t say much… but they’re gonna be brilliant–absolutely brilliant.”


When they asked him to elaborate, he said, “They’re going to be comfortable at many different heights.” He also said “Believe me: women are gonna love it.”  I am sure about that. I totally support Miss J. with this opportunity! I would definitely wear them if I like them. I have no clue what to expect. Probably a lot of eccentric shoes, just like his personality. After all his experience on the runway he know best how important good fitting heels are!

To be continued…

Would you wear Miss J.’s shoes?


Soures: here en here


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