YBS Fashion Show

YBSIn honor of their first anniversary YBS organized a fashionshow. My friend Fleur was invited and asked me to join her.
YBS (Young But Successful) is an International platform & Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle magazine. To be honest, I’ve never heard about it, but I’m always up for new things! So, Fleur and I went to Amsterdam to see what it was all about.

The fashion show was organized in an office-building in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The event had all the potential to be a great event, but it didn’t really show. The venue was arranged with a big runway and some entertainment on the sides. There were prized to win, a photo booth, powered by Jolly Photobooth, drinks and delicious tiny cupcakes, powered by YummYCupCakes.

The Jolly Photobooth was great. There was a suitcase with a lot of attributes, a great way to have a memory from that night. It would be awesome to have that at your wedding. The guests get a picture and all the pics are saved so you (the bride) can see them afterwards. Great!

The fashionshow showed outfits designed by Nathalie B coleman, Nina Jarebrink, Army of Me, Oye Swimwear, Hanne Bloch and Frontrow Living. Some of the models showed great outfits, like below. But I didn’t like everything that much. Kinda funny, because when I look at the websites of those designers there are a lot of items I like.


Funny fact: YBS did a great job booking the male models. One of the male models was even a friend of mine from high school! Great to meet him after more than a decade!

After the fashion show YBS hosted a lottery. During and after the fashion show everybody had the opportunity to choose their favorite item from a table full of fashion items. They raffled heels (powered by Blink Shoes), bikini’s, clutches, jewelry and perfume. My favorite item on the table were (what else) the heels. I saw this lottery as a great opportunity to evade my Shoe No Buy!


And guess what… I am a lucky bee! I was the one winning the amazing liver-colored heels!
Thanks YBS and Blink! I love my new heels!



8 thoughts on “YBS Fashion Show

  1. Leuk verslag Maaike! Ja het was zeker gezellig hè! Vind de foto’s zo leuk vd photobooth 🙂 Denk dat de kleding beter tot hun recht was gekomen als er geen grote goudkleurige sieraden waren gebruikt. Die haalden de aandacht weg vd kleding. En als de kurkentrekker niet was verdwenen … 😉 (grapje). Als er weer zo’n uitnodiging binnenkomt dan vraag ik je weer mee. Erg gezellig om met jou onze passie te delen 🙂 Zitten de schoenen goed en lopen ze fijn?

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