Lola Shoetique

lola-shoetique-85659688I found an amazing shoestore on Instagram and I really needed to share it with my readers! It has the most amazing heels and prettiest boots for good prices.
The store is located in California (US), but they also ship to most foreign countries. When you find yourself wandering through the streets of LA, go look for Lola’s Shoetique, because they also have 7 retail/wholesale locations (addresses below).

They don’t have a huge collection, but I read somewhere they get new pairs daily.


Shorty Roks – Fuchsia


City Chic – Rainbow Multi

Evil Princess Green$68

Evil Princess Green

What do you think? Amazing right!!
It’s hard to find the store location on the website, but I did some research and I came across a couple addresses.

1140 1/2 Maple Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90015

1154 Santee Alley
Los Angeles, CA 90015

1155 Santee St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

1113 1/2 Santee Alley ,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Website: Lola Shoetique



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