Sneak Peek: My Shoecollection

As you all know: this blog is all about shoes but I still haven’t shown you a lot of my shoes! So today I decided to give you a sneak peek inside my shoe closet.

I’ve been living in this house since January this year. We have big plans with our spare room, but we can’t find the time to decorate it just the way we want it to be. Our spare room is 17m2 and it’s all about clothes, shoes, accessorizes and make-up. Every girls dream! At least: my dream!
I still haven’t found the best way to keep my shoes organized, so right now I have my pile of boxes, a shoe rack and a box.

I keep most of my shoes in their original shoebox. It helps me to stay organized and I don’t have to clean them every week because of all the dust! And for those who are wondering: I know the content of every single box!

First picture: I also have a shoe rack for the shoes without boxes. I bought it at Blokker (more or less like Target or Walmart). It fell apart after a month because it’s made out of plastic, so my dad and I improved it with wood.
Second picture: I love my Havaianas. These are the only flipflops in the whole wide world that are good enough to touch my sweet delicate feet! Haha! I love everything about Havaianas, the softness of the rubber, the way they feel on my feet, the image and they are very durable!

A lot of my shoes have story or a memory attached to it. Next week I’ll tell you all about one of my favorite shoes!

How do you organize your shoe collection?



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