Nails: Glitter ‘n Gradient

It’s getting dark and cold outside. Hot coco, blanket on the couch, watching crazy funny reality TV, Christmas is on its way! I never bought a christmas tree, but this year I’m planning on decorating the best Christmas tree ever, including a bunch of glitters of course 🙂

To get in the mood, I have an easy but very sparkly nail design for you. It’s very easy, so you  can do it too. Even when you’re not much of a nail artist.

I started off by applying a simple base-coat. After that I applied a snow-like white nailpolish. It’s a very light polish with a nice shimmery effect. You can use any color you want though.
When my nails completely dried, I added the blue glitter polish. I started further up the nail. For the gradient effect: move up the nail every time you add new layer. I concentrated on the tips the most because I wanted to have opaque glitter tips.

I did my nails yesterday and, honestly, I can’t stop looking at them because I love the blue glitters!
The only thing that sucks about this nail style: getting rid of those beautiful blue glitters… (I know the foil-trick!)

I used:
Essence – French Glam – 01 White Glam (not available anymore)
Claire’s blue glitter polish. No number

Do you like gradient nails?



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