How to overcome an addiction (with Dr. Phil)

Wow, having an addiction is hard. Really hard. Especially when there are new (or slightly different than I already have) pretty shoes lined up in stores. You should have matching shoes for every outfit you own!!

But… we live in 2012 so we have Dr. Phil. so complaining about how hard a no buy is is not necessary  He once made the world a bit easier with his Seven Steps to Breaking Your Addiction.

So, I read those seven brilliant steps and turned them into Seven Steps to Break your Shoe addiction!

1. Acknowledge the purpose.
Well HELLO!! Like I just said, every outfit needs a different pair of shoes. Besides, look at our economy… When I buy shoes, I’m only doing good! It’s like charity work, giving money to the people who need it the most!

2. Think rational thoughts instead of denial.
Okay, serving our economy is probably a denial. Think rational Menina! I have over 50 pairs of shoes, one month is 30 days so I probably have enough shoes to wear a different pair each day for two months straight? I can save a lot of money and  spend that on a plane ticket to NYC? Rational enough?

3. Use alternative coping skills
I am very good at buying clothes. So I should stop buying shoes and buy more clothes!

4. Identify your danger zone
My danger zone is easy, because its everywhere. A billboard at the bus stop, the girl who is riding her bike in front of me with awesome shoes, my email (with subscriptions to a million different brands and stores), the commercials on tv, the mall, even the magazine section in the grocery store!!
Basically, I should avoid all of them…

5. Make lifestyle changes
I should stop wearing shoes and go barefoot like Cody Lundin (below)! He is is the most famous barefoot-er since Fred Flintstone (okay, I didn’t make that up myself, I read it somewhere and stole it).
Did you know? There is even a ‘one day without shoes’ day! Isn’t that awesome, people stepping in sticky/sharp/nasty stuff on the street and then bring it into your home for a whole day!!

 6. Be accountable and have a support system
Raise your hand if you are not supporting me, because Dr. Phil allows me to kick you all in the butt and wave you goodbye! The ones who are supporting me: please tell me I’m doing good! I need it! I am wondering, is there a community I can join, like the AA?

7. Reward yourself
The key is to reward yourself, even when you are making baby steps.
So when I finish my shoe no buy I get to buy some thing sweet like… Louboutins!! I mean, I saved enough money to afford a pair!



One thought on “How to overcome an addiction (with Dr. Phil)

  1. I was once so into this buying thing that I decided I needed a break.
    So I unfollowed/deleted all the media that bombed me with all the new stuff , latest trends, upcoming collections , etc… For a while.

    It really helped me to pay attention to other stuff and relieve all the anxiety for not having the newest things.

    And now I do healthy shopping. Just try to use what I already have, try new combinations and it feels like you have brand new stuff (and find some things that you havent even used yet).

    Jee, I sound like a drug addict! Lol

    I hope you’re doing good!
    All the best!

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