Shoplog: Forever 21

A couple days ago I decided I needed some new dresses. I have been studying my ass off and I needed to give myself a reward. I mean, working fulltime, trying to finish a Masters AND being on a shoe no buy is not easy! Sometimes a girl need to spoil herself. Like Mae West once said: “I never loved somebody like I loved myself.” When you love somebody you gotta show that, why not show that with rewards after a week of hard work

By the way; I was very very brave. I did not take a look at the shoes they sell at Forever 21. Not even a glimpse. I only took a look at the dresses!! I am so proud of myself!!

From left to right:
1. Cheetah Print Sweater Dress. € 21.75
2. Box Pleated Swing Dress. € 8.99 (not available anymore)
3. Open Knit Panel Mini Dress. €31,75
4. Eyeley Lace Bodycon dress. €26,75

Perfect fall dresses in my opinion!
I love to order at Forever21, because the service is perfect and they deliver like the speed of light. I ordered it sundaynight and I got it on tuesday!


P.S. Dress images are from the Forever21 website


2 thoughts on “Shoplog: Forever 21

  1. Hi there! Good job as a non buyer (shoes) ! I’m going on a no buy discipline too . And I must say I love forever21 , last time I went to Antwerp they had lovely dresses but I ended up buying cute necklaces instead.


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