How to survive a No-Buy #1

I’m on a shoe no-buy for a reason… As some of you have experienced in real life: I have way to many shoes. Guilty as charged. That’s the reason why I started this blog. Being on a No-Buy is not an easy thing. There are temptations everywhere. I am struggling like a child who can’t touch anything in a candystore…

So I decided to make things a bit easier. This is #1 of a new category: How to survive a No-Buy!

Every once in a while I’ll post a tip to get myself and maybe some of you to end the No-Buy successfully.

Here we go!

Tip number 1

Make a lookbook of the shoes you own. It helps you stay organized. When you know exactly what kinda of shoes you own you’ll probably discover a new pair to wear everyday!

I made a new photo-folder on my iPhone and made a picture of every shoe I own. It’s easy to find your best matching pair of heels or boots.

I used this idea a couple weeks and I like it. It’s useful and I just love to look at my shoes without the hassle to open a thousand shoeboxes!



3 thoughts on “How to survive a No-Buy #1

  1. Grappig idee! En handig ook: mocht er een keer worden ingebroken door een fashion thief en je hele collectie wordt gestolen, dan heb je in elk geval bewijs voor je inboedelverzekering! Maar laten we hopen dat dat niet nodig is, want dan ben je weeeken bezig met shoe shopping! 😉

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