My life in pics #1

Today it’s time for the first My Life in Pics! All pics have been shown on Instagram this past month. Each month I’ll choose 8 pics that represent the past month the best.

You can find me on Instagram: @menina85

From left to right:

1. Every year on the fifth of October it’s a special day for teachers in Holland, because its ‘Teacher’s day’. I got this chocolat medal from one of the kids at school. Very sweet she remembered!
2. Every year in October and April I go to the best Sample Sale ever in Amsterdam: The Fashion Days. I didn’t buy that much, but afterwards I went to see one of my sweetest friends who lives in Amsterdam.
3. In Utrecht is a great place to rent art. They always show amazing pieces in their window. I think this work of art is made by Karin Vermeer. But I’m not sure, so please tell me if I’m wrong.
4. I used to buy my groceries everyday, but I am trying to change that cause I’m almost spending more time at the grocery store than at home!
5. I was taking a shower when I suddenly saw something very big moving next to my head. Aahh a spider!! Normally I’m not very scared of spiders, but this one was a little bit to big!!
6. High Heel Friday. These heels are from and are called: Forget Your Boyfriend.
7. Pretty colors!
8. I love Sample Sales! This is Shop Up Fashion Sale. I bought a great Lipsy dress for a good price!



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