Men in high heels

I love to sit at a coffee bar like Starbucks where people sit down to study or work. When I have a deadline or a writersblock I always go to one of these places, sit down with my beloved laptop and spy on people. Sometimes you hear the juiciest gossip or craziest fights. I’ve ‘joined’ a first date, a nasty breakup and a revealing confession.
The other day I was the witness of a special love one of the guy waiters has. You have to know, when I hear the word ‘high heel’ or ‘shoe’, my antenna always rises. So this guy started talking about his fascination for high heels,
he told his friend about all the shapes and sizes he owns and his issue with becoming ‘3 meters and 45 centimeters’ when he is wearing one of
his pieces. He also pulled one of his heels out. They were not that sexy (in my opinion) they were huge (size gigantic) and they looked very reliable (like your grandmothers shoes).
I was seriously fascinated and intrigued by his story. I didn’t interfere cause it’s none of my business but I did google it to see if high heels are only worn by gay men or not.

I always learned not to judge a book by its cover, so I will leave the judging up to you!

 This trend is not coming from nowhere, like a lot of trends it’s seen at Fashion Week in China and Milan. Don’t forget that the rich and famous back in the middle ages also liked to wear a bit of a heel…

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What’s your opinion on this trend?



7 thoughts on “Men in high heels

  1. Hmm nee. Ik zou niet kunnen vallen op een man met hakken aan. Somehow is dat toch echt een ‘vrouwending’ geworden. Misschien leuk voor op de runway maar liever niet in het dagelijks leven 😉

  2. Ik lak mijn nagels en vind het daarnaast leuk om af en toe op hakken te lopen, max 8 cm, dus geen echte high heels 😉 En nee ik ben niet homoseksueel…

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