My shoediction

We all know the amazing closet that Carrie Bradshaw and Serena van der Woodsen own. Both it-girls are no strangers to Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Alexander McQueen and have a love for pretty shoes.
Unfortunately, I’m not an rich-for-no-reason it-girl or a succesful NYC writer, with an endless bank account. I’m a twentysomething girl from Holland with a limited bank account and a real shoe addiction.

When I moved a couple months ago, I got help from several strong guys. One of those guys saidafter carrying a couple movingboxes: “Are you *** kidding me? Shoes, again? How many more moving boxes filled with shoes are there??” With a healthy blush on my cheek I answered: “You don’t wanna know…”

However, I must admit it’s getting a bit out of hand… I have more shoes than a beekeeper has bees! 

Yesterday I bought my last pair of shoes. Beautiful loafers with gold colored studs. When I walked to my bike I suddenly stopped and had a flashback. Carrie Bradshaw said once: “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be and old woman who lived in her shoes.”

It hit me right in the face. I’m trying to save the economy with my shoe addiction but it’s seriously not working. I have pretty heels at home I’ve never worn… It has to change! Right there, standing with my keys in my hand and my lovely new loafers I made a promise to myself. No more new  shoes for at least a year!

Euhm… wait… a year?? 365 days?? Do you even know how many hours that are??

Come on girl, hush! This is backing out! Go take a dive in your shoe collection!

Can I at least try until Christmas and then decide if I can keep my promise? 





2 thoughts on “My shoediction

  1. Ik ben nu wel heel erg benieuwd hoeveel schoenen je dan precies hebt =) Je kunt ook een uitdaging erbij doen, elke dag een ander paar schoenen aan en kijken hoever je komt! Daar iedere keer een foto van maken, en je hebt al sowieso je 1 update per dag 😉 Succes met het ‘niet meer kopen van schoenen’, you can do it!

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